In this section you can find the CoDa-letters to this debate. The table below shows a short description for the content of the PDF you can download from the Additional information. 


Document Description
01 Some thoughts on CodaWork 2017: M. Greenacre
02 Reply to M. Greenacre: J.J. Egozcue & V. Pawlowsky
03 Amalgamation & Practice-before-theory: R. Kenett
04 Reply to R. Kenett: J.J. Egozcue & V. Pawlowsky
05 Reply to J.J. Egozcue & V. Pawlowsky: M. Greenacre
06 Thoughts on thoughts of M. Greenacre: A. Washburne
07 Comments on the issue: J. Silverman (new version: Aug/18th)
08 Amalgamation thoughts: R.S. Kenett
09 My two cents: J. Morton
10 Rejoinder to J. Morton: M. Greenacre
11 A Tale of Two Logratios: M. Greenacre
12 Reply to M. Greenacre (10): V. Pawlowsky
13 Reply to M. Greenacre (11): J.A. Martín
14 Reply to J.A. Martín: M. Greenacre
15 Reply to M. Greenacre: J.A. Martín
16 Reply to J.A. Martín(2): M. Greenacre
17 Reply to M. Greenacre(2): J.A. Martín