Courses Grants!



 CoDa Association grants to attend Courses or Summer schools 

(Courses Grants) 

The CoDa Association supports passive participation in selected courses, summer schools, or similar events with the potential to enrich the compositional data analysis methodology. 

Who can apply: 

This call is open to all members of the CoDa Association who are willing to expand their knowledge of multivariate statistics or modern data analysis methods with direct applicability to CoDa research. 

How it will work: 

The amount of the grant, which has a maximum limit of EUR 500 (per grant), aims to cover the registration fee associated with passive participation in the selected course, summer school or similar training type event. The event must be aimed at expanding practical and/or theoretical knowledge of multivariate statistics or modern data analysis methods connected to compositional data analysis. The registration fees for the event will be paid by the grant recipients using the following invoicing data: 

Association for Compositional Data 

Campus Montilivi, Edifici P-4, Universitat de Girona 

C/ Maria Aurèlia Capmany i Farnés, 61, E-17003 Girona (Spain) 

VAT#: G55252498 

Once the event has taken place, recipients will send a proof of their participation, an account number and the invoice to . Then, the registration fees will be reimbursed by the CoDa Association. Recipients will be asked to prepare a short report of the event for the CoDa Newsletter. 

How to apply: 

Applicants must submit the following documentation: 

• A motivation letter with details of the selected event and description of how its topic relates to the applicant’s research in the field of compositional data analysis (maximum 1 page). 

• A curriculum vitae containing a description of research lines (maximum 4 pages). 


These documents should be sent by e-mail as a single PDF file to the following e-mail address:  

When to apply: 

The call is permanent and open for applications until the grant budget allocated in a given year is used up. We recommend that members send their application well in advance of the targeted event. 

Evaluation of applications: 

The Grants Committee of the CoDa Association will decide on the grant recipients within a month of receiving the application. The following aspects (not listed in order of priority) will be taken into account when evaluating applications: 

• Motivation for attending the event. 

• Alignment of content of the event with applicant’s planned research. 

• Potential of the learning in the development of compositional data analysis methods. 

• Curriculum vitae. 


More information: 

If you have any questions related to this call, please contact