WEBINAR: 15-02-2023; 11:30h (CET: UTC/GMT +1 h)



Compositional balance analysis for geochemical pattern recognition and anomaly mapping 

Yue Liu

  • Day: 15-02-2023
  • Time: 11:30h (CET: UTC/GMT +1 h)
  • Link: https://us06web.zoom.us/j/88591669413?pwd=REZDc0tmK2VhNlkrUGJwY1FVNm93Zz09 
  • Speaker: Dr Yue Liu, Associate Professor, Faculty of Earth Resources, China University of Geosciences, China 
  • Moderator: Gianna Monti
  • Title: Compositional balance analysis for geochemical pattern recognition and anomaly mapping
  • Abstract: Balance analysis of two groups of parts within a whole has become an important method for compositional data analysis. A compositional balance is a particular orthonormal coordinate that is depicted by the log-ratio between two groups of components. Two available approaches to compositional balance analysis (CoBA) can be adopted to generate targeted balances for geochemical pattern analysis and anomaly identification, so-called data-driven CoBA and knowledge-driven CoBA. Commonly, for high-dimensional data, there will be produce a large number of orthonormal bases or balances based on CoBA. For a certain geochemical pattern, it could be represented by multiple compositional balances generated by data-driven and knowledge-driven CoBA. Thus, the question on how to determine an optimal balance for geochemical pattern analysis and anomaly identification will be introduced in this presentation. Additionally, the advantages of the CoBA in identifying geochemical anomaly will be introduced as well.
  • Keywords:  Compositional data, balance analysis, logratio, anomaly identification




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