CoDa-session at IGC 2020 (India)

IGC 2020, Delhi, India, 2-8 March 2020

India, with the scientific support of Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka will be hosting the 36th IGC at Delhi during 2-8 March 2020. With as many as 12 Plenary Talks by outstanding geoscientists from across the globe, 44 science themes, 71 exciting field trips spread in India and neighboring countries, a far-reaching Geohost Program, a massive Geoexpo, and many other attractions, the Congress promises to be a truly memorable experience.

The Science Program of the 36th IGC comprises 266 Symposia under 44 Themes. The Theme 35: Advances in Mathematical Geosciences, Mineral Resource Evaluation and Mine-Planning will deal with several advanced mathematical geoscience topics including geostatistics, compositional data analysis, mathematical morphology, fractals and non-linear models, stochastic modeling, multivariate spatial data science, geographic information science, parametric and non-parametric methods, data mining and artificial intelligence and important developments in their applications in geosciences, in general, and more specifically in geological mapping and modeling, mining, petrological and geochemical data analysis, and natural resource estimation.

The Theme 35 includes the Session 35.1 Mathematical Geosciences and Mineral Resource Evaluation where the statistical analysis of compositional data session is programmed.

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