Webinar: coda4microbiome: Compositional Data Analysis for Microbiome Studies (2022-April-26)



coda4microbiome: Compositional Data Analysis for Microbiome Studies 

M. Luz Calle

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  • Day: 26-04-2022
  • Time: 12.30h (CEST: UTC/GMT +2 h)
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  • Speaker: M. Luz Calle (Department of Biosciencies, Universitat de Vic–Central University of Catalonia, Spain)
  • Moderator: Gianna Monti
  • Title: coda4microbiome: Compositional Data Analysis for Microbiome Studies
  • Abstract:  Recently we published coda4microbiome, a new R package that aims to bridge the gap between microbiome research and compositional data analysis (CoDA), for both, cross-sectional and longitudinal studies. The package coda4microbiome contains a set of functions for microbiome analysis within the CoDA framework, with a special focus on the identification of microbial signatures of disease risk and prognostic. In this talk I will introduce a new approach for the analysis of microbiome data in longitudinal studies. The method, implemented in coda4microbiome, relies on exploring the association between the phenotype of interest and the shape of the log-ratio microbiome trajectories. The results are expressed as the (weighted) balance between two groups of taxa, those that contribute positively to the microbial signature and those that contribute negatively (Susin et al. 2020). The interpretability of results is of major importance in this context and thus, the package provides several graphical representations that facilitate the interpretation of the analysis.
  • KeywordsCompositional data, microbiome, longitudinal data, log-ratio analysis



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