Council member

Berta Ferrer-Rosell

I hold an international PhD in Tourism, a MSc in Tourism Management and Planning and a BA in Tourism. I am Serra Húnter Associate Professor at the University of Lleida. My main research interests cover the analysis of compositional data on electronic tourism and electronic marketing. I define myself as CoDa user, feeling greatly comfortable applying the method and thus approaching it to applied tourism (and other social sciences) researches. I was the first worldwide researcher in using CoDa in the field of tourism, to analyse tourist’s trip budget composition. Afterwards I moved into the marketing area and e-tourism. In these areas, I have been invited to talk about CoDa in Tourism in several conferences (e.g., COMPSTAT 2018), as well as teaching the session “Introduction to Compositional Data Analysis & Applications to e-tourism” at the European IFITT Masterclass on e-tourism, and co-authored chapters in books related to e-tourism methods and research methods for marketing management with contributions using CoDa.

I am Coordinator of the Joint Degree in Tourism and Business Management at the University of Lleida, Associate Editor of the European Journal of Tourism Research, board member of the Spanish Association of Scientific Experts in Tourism (AECIT) and Director of Research Excellence at the International Federation for IT and Tourism & Travel (IFITT). My CoDa research has been published in Q1JCR journals such as Tourism Management, Journal of Destination Marketing & Management, International Journal of Hospitality Management and Annals of Tourism Research.

As member of the council of the CoDa Association I am committed to continue making the method available to applied researchers in my field, involving the researchers I work with to use it, and thus building a network of CoDa Scientists in tourism and marketing and economics. I would like also to serve the association by promoting its activities and maintaining a fruitful CoDa research.