Council member

Gianna Serafina Monti

I am an Assistant Professor of Statistics, since 2008, at the Department of Economics, Management and Statistics, Milano-Bicocca University, Italy.

My research interests cover the statistical analysis of compositional data, in particular I am focusing on distributions on the simplex with respect to the Aitchison measure, regression models for compositional dependent variables, sparse and robust regression models with compositional covariates, as well as statistical models for ecotoxicological data.

I am a fellow of the Italian Statistical Association (SIS), member of the International Statistical Institute (ISI), member of the scientific committee of the Center for Neurosciences – Milan (NeuroMi), and I am associated to the Bicocca Applied Statistic Center. I am principal/co-principal investigator in several research projects of national and international relevance, such as Probabilistic and Inferential aspects for non-standard statistical problemsStatistical methods for complex problems, founded by the Italian Ministry of Research and University (MIUR).

I am in charge of the following courses at master level: Computational Statistics and High Dimensional Data Analysis (both at Milano-Bicocca University).

I’m a member of the CoDa Association from the early beginning, which has helped me to keep up-to-date with wider developments in compositional data analysis as well as keep me abreast of how compositional approach is being used in other areas. I am committed to actively diffuse the theory of CoDa and to disseminate our research worldwide. One of the most important lessons I have learned in my career is the value of a scientific working group. For this reason, I would like to dedicate my future efforts to maintain fruitful research activities, promoting the activities of the CoDa Association in a proactively way, encourage scientific exchange programs and interactive and collaborative work, having an open research policy.