Secretary General

Karel Hron

  • Palacky University, Czech Republic

PhD in Applied Mathematics (statistics), Palack. University Olomouc (2007) including one-year research fellowship at TU Vienna. Habilitation degree obtained at Faculty of Science, Masaryk University in Brno (2013). Assistant Professor at Dept. of Mathematical Analysis and Applications of Mathematics, Faculty of Science, Palack. University (2007-2013), since 2013 Associate Professor at the same department. Research activities are focused on statistical analysis of compositional data, robust statistics and multivariate statistical analysis in general. He addresses also to applications of compositional data methodology in geochemistry, analytical chemistry, metabolomics, biosciences and other fields. Co-author of more than 50 publications in peer-reviewed journals and four chapters in monographs; h-index 14; 607 citations without self-citations. His developed methods and algorithms are implemented in the software R (packages robCompositions, compositionsGUI, mvoutlier). Strong research relationship with Vienna University of Technology (Peter Filzmoser, Matthias Templ) since 2006. Together they have built a strong research team focused on applied compositional data analysis. Furthermore, an extensive collaboration is developed with most of leading researchers in the compositional community and beyond. 

My own ideas how the CoDa-Association should look like: 

  • Efficient research organization, providing assistance without unnecessary bureaucratic steps. 
  • Providing forum for advertisement of activities related to compositional data analysis. 
  • Strengthen relationships to related research organizations. 
  • Promote CoDaWork as main activity of the CoDa-Association, provide support (and guidance, if necessary) to local organizers. 
  • Define minimal standards for courses on compositional data analysis, certified by the CoDa-Association.