Secretary General

Germà Coenders


I hold a PhD in management sciences (1996) and I am currently full professor of quantitative methods for economics and business at the Department of Economics, University of Girona, teaching at the schools of Tourism and Economics and Business. I am also the vice-dean of the School for Doctoral Studies.

I am a newcomer in the CoDa field, with just over 20 indexed articles on the topic, the first one in 2011. During these 10 years I have become amazed by the huge yet unrealized potential of CoDa in the social sciences. My modest contributions include communication science, sociology, education, consumer behaviour, marketing, tourism and accounting and I am fully devoted to making CoDa methods known in these fields, by means of engaging new applied-minded co-authors, delivering talks, attending to applied conferences, and contributing to student handbooks. In some particular subfields there seem to be barriers to the acceptance of the methodology.

Besides continuing to extend CoDa in the social sciences, I am committed to the secretary-general task, to assisting the association in whatever is needed, and to contributing to a friendly and constructive environment with my utmost energy.