Josep-Antoni Martín-Fernández

My name is Josep-Antoni Martín-Fernández but people call me “Martin”. I have a degree in Mathematics (U. Autònoma de Barcelona). I got my PhD from the U. Politècnica de Catalunya working on “Measurements of difference and non-parametric classification of CoDa”. Currently, I am an Full Professor at the Dept. of Computer Science, Applied Mathematics and Statistics of the U. de Girona. 

My interests lie primarily in the statistical analysis of compositional data, with more than fifty publications related with the topic. I focus my research on the topics “Cluster Analysis of Compositional Data” and “Rounded Zeros and Missing Data”. I have lead the CoDa-group conducting a number of research projects.

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Since 1997 I am working on CoDa research and collaborating in related activities such as CoDaWork, CoDaCourse, CoDaWeb and CoDaPack. According our statutes the purpose of our Association is “To promote scientific and educational cooperation in the development and implementation of methods for the modeling of compositional data”. I fully share this idea and I am working to bring this about: bank account, membership fees and web site. All beginnings are difficult but working together we will be able to develop, expand and disseminate the CoDa-methods.