Javier Palarea-Albaladejo

I hold honours degrees in both Statistics and Economics and a PhD in Statistics. My main areas of research interest include multivariate data analysis, particularly compositional data analysis (CoDa), missing data problems and statistical computing. I developed a career in academia in Spain for about 10 years, before taking a position as Senior Statistical Scientist at Biomathematics and Statistics Scotland (BioSS) in United Kingdom. At BIOSS my role involved statistical consultancy and high-level advice for the Scottish Government's strategic research programme and a number of externally-funded UK and EU projects, predominantly in the area of animal health and welfare, project management responsibilities, methodological research and delivery of training courses for scientists. I was also an external lecturer in multivariate data analysis at the University of Edinburgh and a fellow of the Royal Statistical Society. Currently, I am associate professor at the University of Girona. In CoDa I have mostly contributed methods and software to deal with zeros and values below the detection limit and collaborated in varied applied research works. Most recently I have been working on methods for pathogen profiling using mass spectrometry, chemometric analysis using other high-throughput technologies such as nuclear magnetic resonance representing complex high-dimensional compositions and on health science applications.

As a member of the council of the CoDa Association I would aim to contribute to the international visibility of the association, assisting in the organisation of events, special sessions and any other promotion and networking activities as required, along with the overall objective of spreading CoDa ideas and methodology amongst practitioners and applied scientists beyond the most traditional areas of application, particularly within fields of the biosciences.