Grants Commission

Council agreement for a Grants Commission (2020-2022) Motivation

From its foundation, the CoDa-Association had the aim of stimulating the incorporation of students to research, as well as the application of CoDA in different fields. One important way of reaching such objectives is the enactment of a grants program for students. However, any grant program requires funding from external donors or from the CoDa Association budget. The CoDa Association is a young organization and its income comes from the annual fees of members and the benefits produced by CoDaWork. This means that the resources of the CoDa-Association are limited and scarce. Due to these facts, the Council decides to create a Grants Commission.

Past committees:

  • 2020-2022: Caterina Gozzi (Chair); Kamila Faĉevicová (Ordinary member); Gregor B. Gloor (Ordinary member); Josep Antoni Martín-Fernández (non-voting member, Treasurer)


Grants commission (2023-2024)