Who we are

The CoDa Association is an organization which brings together scientists interested in developing methods for compositional data modelling and their application in different fields such as, geology, biology, economics or social sciences, to name a few. The need of such an association arose from the successive CoDaWorks, meetings organized since 2003 as a way to unite individuals active in different countries and disciplines. Most of them felt the need to have a forum for exchange of ideas.

The Association was founded in June 2015, at the CoDaWork in L’Escala (Spain), as an international, non-governmental, nonpolitical, and nonprofit scientific organization. To this end, the idea is to:

  • Organize scientific meetings, like workshops, symposia, and conferences.
  • Promote publications on the development and application of compositional methods, and of discussions thereon.
  • Organize courses on the topic.
  • Cooperate with other organizations professionally concerned with applications of mathematics and statistics to any field of science.
  • Advance international interaction between methodological, theoretical and applied researchers who can benefit from using CoDa methods.

The CoDa Association is a web based society: Membership interactions and administration are made via internet Services, news are available on the web. It accepts tax deductible donations. Donations can be made electronically.

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